Saturday, April 24, 2010


This is Grace, the daughter of neo.nate. My family and I regret to inform you that my father passed away on April 19, 2010. Thank you for taking an interest in his blog and his writings - it was one of the things that kept him going during his retirement. We miss him very much. RIP Dad.


Anonymous said...

My condolence to your family. Your father's post was the best there is to read. We will all miss him.

Omon Maravilla, Bacolod city

Political Jaywalker said...

I will surely miss neonate, farewell my friend... my condolence to his family.

Anna de Brux said...

Dear Grace,

A fellow blogger has just informed me of this sad news. It is with deep shock that I learned of the passing away of your father with whom I've had the honour of corresponding by email and through various blogs.

I greatly appreciated his erudite writings and his comments on many topics topics, be they political, health and humour.

Those who have had the privilege of knowing him in cyberspace will miss him very much.

Please accept my most sincere condolonces.

Anna de Brux

Tongue's Wrath said...

Darn, Orly, how could you leave us without saying goodbye? I was shocked by AnnaDeBrux' news can't even type this. Mr. Skipper, you may be ending your voyage and hit port, but we will always remember you for the clarity of your views spoken in cryptic poetic English - a real romantic sailor's!

I know you are now with God, but please do visit us sometimes in the blogs. I know your unique style when I see it. Bye Orly. Bye neonate

-TonGuE tWisTeD/Tongue's Wrath/Ferrum

Ellen Tordesillas said...

I'm sad to learn of your father's death.

She was a regular in my blog and we are more enlightened because of him.

What did he die of? How many are you in the family?

Ellen Tordesillas said...

Grace, please check this out:

gwacie said...

Thank you everyone for your kind words. My father often expressed his appreciation for your comments and opinions.

@Ellen - There are three of us - my mother, my brother and I. I'm now off to check your blog. Thanks for the link.